Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Assurance

A Division of Collect Rx

Revenue Cycle Assurance is a division of Collect Rx, specializing in comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions. We drive the manual work and human error out of the revenue cycle process so we can focus on resolving the exceptions to your revenue cycle, and improving the overall financial health of your organization. We provide healthcare organizations with the services, tools and guidance to assure they are doing everything possible in revenue cycle to optimize their collections.

RCA is dedicated to ensuring healthcare providers feel empowered to make informed decisions and improve their operations by turning information into action. We are your healthcare organization’s true partner in Revenue Cycle Management.

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More than Outsourced Billing

Don't Just Bill & Collect. Analyze & Optimize.


Technology & Automation

Through our automation, we can eliminate human mistakes, identify opportunities for increase revenue, and ensure you are getting the highest quality results for your specific needs.

Hiring, Staffing & Compliance

Between staffing shortages, finding qualified specialty professionals, to managing a remote workforce, we’ve heard it all. Leave the headache to us to ensure you stress less knowing your team is working hard, thoroughly trained, and compliant.


Improving the Bottom Line

Improving time to cash and reducing cost through reduction of denials, bad debt, and waste all while increasing profitability sounds impossible right? Not with Collect Rx. It just makes fiscal sense to partner with us.


Ever wondered exactly what your billing company is doing with your receivable? With Collect Rx, you can monitor your revenue cycle with full transparency, and have confidence that you have a partner who is readily available to answer any and all of your questions.

Strategic Management Partner

We have a full staff of industry experts dedicated to ensuring you have a true partner in Revenue Cycle Management. We don’t just bill & collect. From understanding claim profitability, navigating complex payor rules, keeping abreast of everchanging reimbursement methodologies, and analyzing denial and delay trends impacting your practice, we help you navigate all facets of the revenue cycle.

Right Claim. Right Touch. Right Time.

Revenue cycle is a tedious but necessary process in healthcare, especially when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of claims. PM systems are great at billing out claims, but you need an integrated workflow tool in order to effectively manage the process & collections of claims. We deliver confidence and certainty in the performance of your revenue cycle with technology, automation, and strategic management.

Ready to Optimize Your Workflow?

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